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Nantucket Teak Furniture

Nantucket Teak Furniture

Island Antique Warehouse has the best selection of teak furniture in Nantucket. Stop in to see our a beautiful assortment of solid teak furniture. We have an incredible collection of teak wood outdoor furniture and patio furniture, perfect for island living.

Teak furniture is very popular in Nantucket due to its weather resistant properties. Able to withstand temperature changes, teak furniture can handle Nantucket seasons with ease. Salt and moisture resistant, teak furniture is the perfect choice for your Nantucket home.

Nantucket Teak Furniture, New England Teak Furniture, Nantucket’s best selection of teak furniture. The best selection of indoor and outdoor teak furniture. Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture and Patio Furniture, perfect for seaside and Nantucket island living.